Thursday, June 21, 2007

My first two days on the job were quite interesting; the first was spent on beef, and the second almost entirely on lamb and mutton. My background as primarily a retail cutter prepared me for the portion control work we did - slicing steaks and trimming roasts to a uniform weight requirement - but boning an entire hindquarter on the rail is something I've had less practice at. Therefore, there's considerable room for improvement. The lion's share of the time is spent on beef, lamb, and pork (with, I'm told, a huge influx of venison during hunting season), but it's not unusual to see a moose, an elk, or even a bear. On Friday, they'll be slaughtering and processing emus. The hike up to New Hampshire from Boston isn't ideal - a long hour up and a shorter one back - but it seems to be quite worth it. I'm excited to learn more.


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